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Countdown to Surtex!

my studio wall

my studio wall

Ooh la la! It’s Wednesday and Surtex starts on Sunday… that’s 4 days from now!!!!!!! WOWEEE!

I am so excited! I am totally looking forward to getting my booth all set up and colorful, and to seeing all the other booths all set up and colorful too! I’m excited to re-connect with the other peeps in this wacky meta world of behind the scenes surface pattern design and art, and also to meet new fabulous artists from all over the world. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet new manufacturers and art lovers, and to re-connect with the lovely buyers I met last year as well, some of whom I’m lucky to be working with!  I am SUPER excited to see where my art will end up in the world after this show– it’s always surprising and fabulous!!!

Surtex is a jam-packed non-stop action three days of excitement and I can’t wait!!!


Cafe work


That is, working in a cafe- my local, lovely manic coffee where I can sit for hours and put stamps on postcards, draw in my sketchbook, read, dream, plan and dream some more. Today I thought i would share some of my books I’m bringing along for inspiration and information. I brought Marion Tuu’luq for her incredible appliquéd and stitched blankets with images of Inuit life in Canada. I brought a little condensed Modern Art overview- the Klee paintings alone set the wheels of my design mind into overdrive. I also have my instructional printed textile book- good to peruse for things to keep in mind while I’m working. And last but kind of the opposite of least I have my trusty books of photos I’ve taken- I started collecting them in business card format, sorting them into themes that I find recur and totally inspire and inform my pattern design. I’m all packed up ready to hop on my bike, grab a tea and get working!!




Back Home!

bubblefish by kate austin

bubblefish by kate austin

I’m back from a week in NYC! I had an incredible show – I’m kind of still reeling from it. The work at the show was super strong- lots of great colour and design everywhere you looked. And the vibe was very upbeat and positive- even companies who only trade in beige or grey would stop in my booth and enjoy the burst of colour.  Walking around and talking to other exhibitors I found they also were very happy with the scene and the energy in the aisles. I met SO MANY great people- lovely people whose work I have admired on pinterest like Ashley G , Tammie Bennett and Elizabeth Olwen (a fellow torontonian!) as well as peeps all new to me. And of course super cool buyers and students and artists as well. I already cant wait to go back next year– i have many many more patterns and pictures I want to make ASAP! and of course I am super excited to work on all the upcoming exciting projects… stay tuned for more info!!!!!! yahoo for surface pattern design, and of course…. COLOUR!!!!!!