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Happy Spring: the lookbook!

I’m so excited to present my first-ever surface pattern lookbook!

This is just a nibble into my new collection of surface patterns, launching in a few short days at Surtex NYC. I wanted to share my love of summery days by the sea– many pics from my travels to Nova Scotia and New England made it into this wee book! I hope you enjoy this little offering… it was so fun to make!!

lookbook spring 2015


Surtex 2015!

kate austin designs

Limelight & Pomelo from “Citrus Grove” a new collection for spring/summer 2015 by Kate Austin

Hello blogosphere! Did you miss me? I missed you!

I have been neglecting my blog of late, caught up in the immediacy of instagram and Facebook- and also deep in show prep mode. I’m so excited to be returning to Surtex this year– in a few short weeks! I have been working very hard preparing my new collection- lots of fresh new patterns and even a few little illustrations (many of which have appeared as daily postcard posts over at instagram). My palette this season makes me deliriously happy- I think it got me through this crazy winter! It’s amazing to work with colours that instantly take me to a summery, cheery place. I really do love colour!


butterfly time

flutterby A by kate austin designs

flutterby A by kate austin designs

Some more winter escapism, as the barometer hits minus 30 again and the snow keeps falling. Hello March! I’m not going to let it bring me down, however. The sun is shining, and I’ve got butterflies- on the brain.We have a full on butterfly garden in the summer- for a tiny city yard we get a lot of different dudes coming through. I’m also trying to plant lots of butterfly magnets across the street in our local park…I am a fan of these insects. They know how to do colour up right!

I think this would be a cheerful nursery wall and matching curtains and bedding. Also a rug, or an armchair. A summery picnic blanket too!

I’ve done a couple of colorways here, because i do love to play with the mood- one hot, one cool. I like them both!

flutterby B by kate austin designs

flutterby B by kate austin designs