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Little Shop of Goodies!

Allover Alphabet risograph poster by Kate Austin

Allover Alphabet risograph poster by Kate Austin

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday I picked up some beautiful fluroescent pink and cornflower blue risograph Alphabet posters I designed- printed by the awesome Colour Code Print studio here in Toronto. Today I set up virtual shop! Check them out– the colours are so vibrant. See if you can figure out what I chose for each letter! There’s only a couple of goodies available right now, but there will be more soon– stay tuned!


april showers

april showers by kate austin

april showers by kate austin


I have sent off my booth fabric, my illustration portfolio and my lookbook for printing– all to bring to Surtex in May. Phew!! So today I celebrated and made a new pattern. I’ve been working on this one for a while, in my spare time, and I’m so happy with it I thought I would share a sneak peek! It’s very timely- April has been fully bringing the showers (including hail!) for the past few days. I have to remind myself of the May flowers at the other end of these dreary, cold, no-fun-for-biking days. Drawing this pattern also helped offset the grey outside. Plus there’s totally some green out there FINALLY, and my daffodils even bloomed so things are definitely looking up!!

La La Land

"bobbletrees" by kate austin

“bobbletrees” by kate austin

"bibbons" by kate austin

“bibbons” by kate austin

I’ve been working on some patterns in series and I thought I would share a bit! This is from a new collection I’ve been working on called La La Land. La La Land is a place where I spend a fair bit of my time to be honest, and I really like it there. As you can see, it’s a colourful, whimsical place. I’ve been hanging out in La La Land doing a lot of drawing and painting and dreaming lately. I think La La Land would be pretty sweet all over a kids room, or a nursery- definitely some velvet and soft corduroy  would be ideal here in La La Land. I see curtains, pillows, bed linens, lampshades, wallpaper and even some cozy jammies– the perfect setting for imagining, playing and dreaming sweet dreams!

Studio Peek

my studio wall of inspiration and work in progress

my studio wall of inspiration and work in progress

Today I thought I’d share a little peek into my work space. I decided it was time to refresh the wall in front of my work table – I wanted to have a look at some of the ink paintings I’ve been working on, and also my new postcards from Sou Sou of artwork by Katsuji Wakisaka. I also put up my new little marimekko gift cards- I love how they’re printed on the front and back with bright and graphic images. The envelopes were really nice too- patterned in bold colours on the inside, white on the outside. The fabulous pencil sketch of a moose is by my 7 yr old, as is the lily pad lake drawing beside it- both inspired by our trip to Algonquin (we saw a moose!) I also took a pic of my messy work table… sigh.

my messy worktable and fabulous apron- thrifted- it's an inuit screen print!

my messy worktable and fabulous apron- thrifted- it’s an inuit screen print!

I’m loving having a set up for painting- I just skiddle up here whenever I have a moment and pick up a paintbrush- it’s working for me. However the whole concept of cleaning up and organazizing is not really happening at the moment.. one day! Check out my amazing work apron… I got it years ago at a thrift shop- it’s a screen printed inuit image by Nanogak! I have held onto it for all these years and kept it so pristine, but now I think– I should give it some life! And you know if it gets a little paint on it, c’est la vie. Also check out my new mug… LOVE this unikko colorway from this summer. Mmm tea. Now back to work!

What Colour Means to Me

Uppercase magazine issue 22

Uppercase magazine issue 22


Hello! I’m back from a lovely time in the wilds of Algonquin park- more on this later. While I was away I got word that my piece on COLOUR and what it means to me was chosen for the current issue of Uppercase Magazine, #22. And what an issue it looks to be- I cant wait to get my copy in the mail!! There’s some great preview tidbits here including a video with lots of tantalizing and colorful pictures. My piece along with my photo of bright and fuzzy yarns is in the top right corner of the above spread… pretty nifty! This magazine is so great- it’s really hefty and jam-packed with awesome art, craft, and design goodness. I am a subscriber, and I recommend it to all!!!!

Up With Creativity!

kate austin designs- booth 1035 at Surtex 2014

kate austin designs- booth 1035 at Surtex 2014

I am getting very excited !!

Eight weeks ago I signed up for Surtex, and now it’s almost here… WOW!  These last few days I have been seeing lots of incredible work out there on pinterest, Facebook  and in the blogosphere- flyers with beautiful patterns, illustrations and designs on display announcing all the talent who’ll be at Surtex this year (including mine over at print and pattern and the uppercase magazine blog how exciting!) I’m really looking forward to meeting these bold and creative peeps- as a relative newbie to this scene I am kind of in awe of their professionalism and mad design skillz.

I was also very thrilled to have my PATCH project orientation yesterday. There I met an inspiring group of artists, working in such a diverse range of media and with really varied backgrounds– it was an honour to be a part of such a fantastic gathering!! I’m looking forward to seeing this project unfold and transform our city through all the amazing public art we will create!!

Hooray for art and creativity!

Press Kits and Business Cards

presskits and bizcards by kate austin

presskits and bizcards by kate austin

Getting ready for Surtex is really fun. I love working on all the accoutrements of the business- postcards, business cards and now, for the first time, press kits. In all my years of running a design business, I never really got the hang of press kits. I think I made some years ago for the DUDE show (downtown urban design event)- a rockin craft and design show I used to organize with my pals Kristin and Kaz) but it has been a long time. The press kit was on my list of Fearless Things to Do Fearlessly, so I set about making them. I decided to make something that I would love to have – something useful and lovely. The result: a flowery folder, with postcard samples of my work, plus some info, with lots of room for other stuff. There’s always lots to collect, mostly business cards and postcards, so hopefully this will come in very handy for the press peeps who wander through.

My business cards arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them! Moo once again delivers the goods. Luxe cards with a red stripe on the side, these puppies are SOLID, and feel quite gorgeous. I chose five of my new patterns to adorn them, and they all look great. Can’t wait to give all this stuff away!!! Twelve sleeps to kickoff….