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New Riso Prints

Cloud Whale by Kate Austin

It has been ages since I have done a proper blog update!

Cannot believe how quickly time goes by when you’re working away, not to mention travelling like crazy. This year has been incredible as far as travelling goes- to many wonderful faraway places- I swam in the Atlantic and the Pacific, and a few spots in between as well. I even got to leave this continent and spend some time in England when the roses were blooming everywhere- that was a very special treat. I’ve been keeping up with instagram and many of my travels are well documented here. Now I’m grounded in my studio in the balmiest Canadian December I can recall getting ready for my first time exhibiting at PrintSource, a pattern trade show in NYC in January. Exciting!

I’ve been busy making new patterns and also working on my illustration portfolio. This week I was thrilled to launch two new risograph prints in my Etsy shop (click here to get there fast!) : “Cloud Whale” (pictured above)and “Seedling to Blossom” (pictured here)

seedling to blossom by kate austin

Seedling to blossom by Kate Austin

I also have sorted out that pesky missing V from my alphabet and that print is now available as well. We are finding that print very handy around our house, as the little one is learning his letters and loves to show us when he’s got another one down pat. The pictures are little clues to help figure out what’s what.



Alphabet by Kate Austin



New Inks!

new inks by kate austin

new inks by kate austin

Just got back from an inspiring and refreshing holiday- camping in Ontario and visiting my 96 year old grandmother in England. England was green green green with honeysuckle and roses around every corner. And I found a lovely little art supply shop in Oxford with these inks that I have never seen or used before and HOLY smokes are they ever gorgeous. I managed to squeeze a few into my suitcase and now that I am back home and settled into my studio I have been taking them out for a run. I took a TON of photos for inspiration and I’m loving making some new little paintings of all the beautiful flowers and critters I encountered on my travels. On our walks around Oxford we saw loads of Elderflower in bloom- this is what they look like before they pop into gorgeous tiny white flowers. There were also twisting vines along the paths- I love this one little green flower in particular with curly stem and balloon like buds. Today I’m going to visit the Toronto Botanical Garden- my first time there- cant wait. Bringing my paints and pencils and camera of course! Yay for summer!!!

My shiny new Illustration Portfolio!

I’m excited to present my new illustration portfolio! It premiered last week at Surtex NYC – a fabulous show, more on this later!- and now is available for all to see!! Many of my little paintings have been part of my instagram feed of daily postcards, some are brand new for the 2015 portfolio. I’ve fallen off the daily postcard wagon a bit, but I’ll be back on again before too long!! Hope you enjoy this collection of whimsy!!

Happy Spring: the lookbook!

I’m so excited to present my first-ever surface pattern lookbook!

This is just a nibble into my new collection of surface patterns, launching in a few short days at Surtex NYC. I wanted to share my love of summery days by the sea– many pics from my travels to Nova Scotia and New England made it into this wee book! I hope you enjoy this little offering… it was so fun to make!!

lookbook spring 2015

La La Land

"bobbletrees" by kate austin

“bobbletrees” by kate austin

"bibbons" by kate austin

“bibbons” by kate austin

I’ve been working on some patterns in series and I thought I would share a bit! This is from a new collection I’ve been working on called La La Land. La La Land is a place where I spend a fair bit of my time to be honest, and I really like it there. As you can see, it’s a colourful, whimsical place. I’ve been hanging out in La La Land doing a lot of drawing and painting and dreaming lately. I think La La Land would be pretty sweet all over a kids room, or a nursery- definitely some velvet and soft corduroy  would be ideal here in La La Land. I see curtains, pillows, bed linens, lampshades, wallpaper and even some cozy jammies– the perfect setting for imagining, playing and dreaming sweet dreams!


anais C by kate austin

anais C by kate austin

poppy in my garden

poppy in my garden

Oh hooray spring has finally fully sprung, and the flowers are coming, the flowers are coming! I am VERY excited. I found the most inspired window box plantings at our little local flower centre– all poppies, all the time. Majestic, icelandic, exquisite poppies. It occurs to me that I have yet to make a poppy pattern. Well seeing as Surtex (booth 1035!) is in SEVEN days, and a girl has to pack and what not, I’m not expecting to have my poppy print ready in time for this show– but next year, it’s going to be full on fabulous poppy profusion all the way. Until then, I have my fairytale anais pattern, in poppy colours, to tide me over. I would like to see miss anais in a wallpaper, or a silk gown- or why not both at the same time… my kind of camouflage.

Busy bee

julia B by kate austin

julia b by kate austin

I have neglected my blog a bit this past week, partly because i’m just working away and time flies without me even noticing, and partly because I also finally set up a facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/kateaustindesigns — it’s coming along! please check it out, and if you like it, “like” it! I’m working on some cards for the show this week, and this pattern is featured. I have been re-colouring some classic designs and this one is seriously doing it for me in this colorway. I would love it in a corduroy jacket, why stop there let’s make it a whole suit! And I would be very happy to flop down into a velvet covered comfy chair also in this pattern, so as to be completely camouflaged while drawing in my linen sketchbook (with this pattern on the cover, of course!) Pure spring bliss!