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Picture book dreams!

kate austin illustration intro postcard

kate austin illustration intro postcard

Today I’m doing something I have thought about doing pretty much forever: submitting my work to children’s book publishers! I can’t really believe it’s taken me this long, to be honest, but then again everything takes time right? I also think everything has a time, and for me the time is NOW to reach out, put myself out there, and introduce my work to the art directors of the kids publishing world. I started considering this seriously a while ago- probably as I was emerging from the fog of baby land- and it has been percolating ever since. We have a truly massive collection of picture books- both current and vintage- and they are a constant comfort and inspiration to me. I have been LOVING doing my (now deeply neglected!) daily postcards, and finding that I have lots of illustration ideas and drawings and paintings I really want to make. It’s funny how creating patterns feeds this side of my brain/work, and vice versa. I have lots of exciting pattern projects in the works post-Surtex and  I promised myself that before I get too busy I would dedicate some time to this longstanding dream of illustrating a picture book. Today is the day I am making it happen. Here’s hoping!


Happy Spring: the lookbook!

I’m so excited to present my first-ever surface pattern lookbook!

This is just a nibble into my new collection of surface patterns, launching in a few short days at Surtex NYC. I wanted to share my love of summery days by the sea– many pics from my travels to Nova Scotia and New England made it into this wee book! I hope you enjoy this little offering… it was so fun to make!!

lookbook spring 2015

Theory of Change!



Today I wanted to share some of the results of a fun and cool project I have been working on recently!

5 years ago my dear friend, the incredible Seanna Connell, and I founded a non-profit, ArtBridges, to connect, inspire and encourage people working in Community  Engaged Arts and Arts for Social Change across Canada. Over the past few months, we have been involved in a strategic clarity program, working with a great consultant to hone our message and our vision for the future of ArtBridges. It’s really great timing, because when we started we had a 5 year plan and now, after 5 years, we have accomplished what we set out to achieve and are ready to tackle what comes next! To help guide us over the next 5 years, we worked on a “Theory of Change” — a roadmap of what we do, who we do it for, and what we aim to accomplish! I was given the task of creating a visual representation of this Theory of Change, and, with a ton of help from our awesome group, here it is! I love it- I really think it captures the spirit of ArtBridges- and I’m excited that we have this tool to help explain the great work the ArtBridges team is doing!!! I love making art and injecting more colour into the universe, and I also love supporting other artists and people committed to making the world a better place for everyone. I really believe in the power of art to elevate and enrich our lives, and I’m so proud of this great project!!








Lake of Two Rivers, Algonquin Park

This was my view last week and I’m not going to lie to you: I wish I was still there right now!! There’s something about a lake surrounded by woods with gorgeous canadian shield rocks poking out everywhere that soothes this savage breast and blisses me right out. There have been quite a few lakes I have gotten to know well over the years- William’s lake outside of Halifax was a regular haunt of mine in art school. That lake was an hour on a city bus ($1!), through some woods into paradise. Icy cool water down deep, warm calm water up top. A huge sun-baked rock to lie on after a big swim over to it. Total solitude. Another memorable lake was at our friend’s place on the road to Peggy’s Cove, also in NS. That lake- whose name escapes me at the moment- was mirror-like and so fresh- and the scene of many hilarious adventures in inflatable dinghies with cocktails on board, floating through water lilies and duck colonies. That lake was the inspiration for this pattern- lying there gazing up at the blue sky and fluffy clouds, with rocks and trees around and reflected in the water– perfect in endless repetition…If only!!!


Lake by kate austin

I’d love this in wallpaper, or a duvet cover- or both! And as a skirt so I could have my lakes with me always, wherever I go.