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Picture book dreams!

kate austin illustration intro postcard

kate austin illustration intro postcard

Today I’m doing something I have thought about doing pretty much forever: submitting my work to children’s book publishers! I can’t really believe it’s taken me this long, to be honest, but then again everything takes time right? I also think everything has a time, and for me the time is NOW to reach out, put myself out there, and introduce my work to the art directors of the kids publishing world. I started considering this seriously a while ago- probably as I was emerging from the fog of baby land- and it has been percolating ever since. We have a truly massive collection of picture books- both current and vintage- and they are a constant comfort and inspiration to me. I have been LOVING doing my (now deeply neglected!) daily postcards, and finding that I have lots of illustration ideas and drawings and paintings I really want to make. It’s funny how creating patterns feeds this side of my brain/work, and vice versa. I have lots of exciting pattern projects in the works post-Surtex and  I promised myself that before I get too busy I would dedicate some time to this longstanding dream of illustrating a picture book. Today is the day I am making it happen. Here’s hoping!


Countdown to Surtex!

my studio wall

my studio wall

Ooh la la! It’s Wednesday and Surtex starts on Sunday… that’s 4 days from now!!!!!!! WOWEEE!

I am so excited! I am totally looking forward to getting my booth all set up and colorful, and to seeing all the other booths all set up and colorful too! I’m excited to re-connect with the other peeps in this wacky meta world of behind the scenes surface pattern design and art, and also to meet new fabulous artists from all over the world. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet new manufacturers and art lovers, and to re-connect with the lovely buyers I met last year as well, some of whom I’m lucky to be working with!  I am SUPER excited to see where my art will end up in the world after this show– it’s always surprising and fabulous!!!

Surtex is a jam-packed non-stop action three days of excitement and I can’t wait!!!

Happy Spring: the lookbook!

I’m so excited to present my first-ever surface pattern lookbook!

This is just a nibble into my new collection of surface patterns, launching in a few short days at Surtex NYC. I wanted to share my love of summery days by the sea– many pics from my travels to Nova Scotia and New England made it into this wee book! I hope you enjoy this little offering… it was so fun to make!!

lookbook spring 2015

Cactus Study

paul rand cactus by kate austin 2014

paul rand cactus by kate austin 2014

Another little ink painting I made recently. This one was inspired by a great book I got from the library, From Lascaux to Brooklyn by Paul Rand. It’s a great book- really thoughtful and inspiring. And some great photos- including a beauty of a classic cactus, the inspiration for this picture! The texture on this dude would make a lovely all over pattern too- working on something right now…

Busy bee

julia B by kate austin

julia b by kate austin

I have neglected my blog a bit this past week, partly because i’m just working away and time flies without me even noticing, and partly because I also finally set up a facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/kateaustindesigns — it’s coming along! please check it out, and if you like it, “like” it! I’m working on some cards for the show this week, and this pattern is featured. I have been re-colouring some classic designs and this one is seriously doing it for me in this colorway. I would love it in a corduroy jacket, why stop there let’s make it a whole suit! And I would be very happy to flop down into a velvet covered comfy chair also in this pattern, so as to be completely camouflaged while drawing in my linen sketchbook (with this pattern on the cover, of course!) Pure spring bliss!

Book Love


I’m totally dependent on my extensive art& design book collection for inspiration and motivation. I wanted to share some of my favourites ici– just thought they might inspire and motivate others as well, and I love to spread the love!

Today’s gem was a very random find in the excellent Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. The bookshop there is worth the visit- but the museum is also totally one of the best anywhere. Never disappointed at the CCA.

This cover caught my eye and pulled me in- the endpapers are amazing!- I had never heard of this Italian designer- ceramics and textiles- fabulous midcentury work. It’s a gorgeous book- textile cover, beautiful big reproductions throughout –all in glorious colour of course. Here are a few snippets for you to enjoy…





butterfly time

flutterby A by kate austin designs

flutterby A by kate austin designs

Some more winter escapism, as the barometer hits minus 30 again and the snow keeps falling. Hello March! I’m not going to let it bring me down, however. The sun is shining, and I’ve got butterflies- on the brain.We have a full on butterfly garden in the summer- for a tiny city yard we get a lot of different dudes coming through. I’m also trying to plant lots of butterfly magnets across the street in our local park…I am a fan of these insects. They know how to do colour up right!

I think this would be a cheerful nursery wall and matching curtains and bedding. Also a rug, or an armchair. A summery picnic blanket too!

I’ve done a couple of colorways here, because i do love to play with the mood- one hot, one cool. I like them both!

flutterby B by kate austin designs

flutterby B by kate austin designs