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What Colour Means to Me

Uppercase magazine issue 22

Uppercase magazine issue 22


Hello! I’m back from a lovely time in the wilds of Algonquin park- more on this later. While I was away I got word that my piece on COLOUR and what it means to me was chosen for the current issue of Uppercase Magazine, #22. And what an issue it looks to be- I cant wait to get my copy in the mail!! There’s some great preview tidbits here¬†including a video with lots of tantalizing and colorful pictures. My piece along with my photo of bright and fuzzy yarns is in the top right corner of the above spread… pretty nifty! This magazine is so great- it’s really hefty and jam-packed with awesome art, craft, and design goodness. I am a subscriber, and I recommend it to all!!!!


On the side…


I’ve been working on this little number for a while now- finally getting it assembled and ready for our friend’s baby due in June. Thought I would share as its coming along so nicely and I am pretty excited about it. I got the pattern¬†here— it’s really clear, and such a pleasure to make. I am inspired to make another one- soon even, as crochet is my go-to side line in the summer.

I also thought I would share it in honour of the Grand (re)Opening of the wonderful Knit Cafe, the yarn shop and fibre arts centre I co-own with 4 of my dearest friends. We had a big party to celebrate last night at the new shop- 55 Roncesvalles- it’s open today and from now on, full of flowers and colour and light! Please come and visit if you are in Toronto. Also you can check out our blog and website.

Here’s another view of that blanket… cant wait to finish it!



More yarniness

I am a serious knitter and while I am also obsessed with patterns and printed textiles, I feel that I need to share some yarniness right now. Perhaps it is the deep freeze outside. In any case- today i present my fantastic woolly wool bin. Over several years I collected ends of mostly manos del Uruguay yarns- and remember I do co-own the knit cafe so I am lucky to have access to quite a bit! This gorgeous merino yarn comes in big bundles tied up in scraps, which I keep and tie together to make one giant crazy ball. I have a new one on the go and it’s looking mighty fine, as you can see! Once I decided it was big enough to work with I knitted a huge floppy pouch which I then felted. I think I’m almost ready to make a new one… It is so cheerful and handy!


Bring the Fuzz


Today I must confess to being consumed by this angora which has recently come into my chilly hands! And I have discovered a hopefully quick and easy yet lovely slipper pattern so I’m all over it. We are having a totally arctic moment here and nothing is toastier than fluffy, fuzzy, yummy angora!!!! Yay!

Les Escargots!

Today my mind is on snails – not so much the evil munchers who seek to destroy my lovely flowers- more the slow, peaceful, cool-looking dudes of fairytales and picture books. I’ve been working on snail drawings for a silkscreen series and now I see them everywhere, like this great shadow:

And at the ROM in the maya show, my fave piece was totally this chocolate bowl (you blow in the chimney to froth it up- genius!):

And then of course my dear friends and artistic superstars, iwona gontarska and kristin ledgett (who also happen to be my partners in knitting!) made these fantastic knitted snails for our gorgeous window at the knit cafe this month:

It’s a motif you can’t go wrong with– vive les escargots!!! More to come, for sure.

New blanket


I just finally sewed in the loose ends, packaged up and sent off this little blanket to my friend in California due to have a baby soon. I looove working with this yarn- it’s totally unique as it’s dyed as fibre, then spun to make colour mixes. It’s from Japan, called Noro, and adored by many. This particular yarn is silk and wool with a bit of nylon for strength and washability. The colours change as you work it (I crocheted this one) and it’s nearly impossible to stop once you get going- it’s so exciting to see what’s just around the next spectacular colour corner. Yum!



It’s a bit chilly today- seemed a good time to talk about my obsession with blankets. I make them a lot- blankets are what come to mind usually first thing when I meet a new fabulous yarn. There’s a great method, the mitred square, that I often come back to- I’ve made 2 mohair blankets in this style and i’ve got 2 more in the works. Lately I’ve been into crochet as well and am pretty taken with the giant granny square method- when I finish the one I’m working on I will post a pic.