Cafe work


That is, working in a cafe- my local, lovely manic coffee where I can sit for hours and put stamps on postcards, draw in my sketchbook, read, dream, plan and dream some more. Today I thought i would share some of my books I’m bringing along for inspiration and information. I brought Marion Tuu’luq for her incredible appliquéd and stitched blankets with images of Inuit life in Canada. I brought a little condensed Modern Art overview- the Klee paintings alone set the wheels of my design mind into overdrive. I also have my instructional printed textile book- good to peruse for things to keep in mind while I’m working. And last but kind of the opposite of least I have my trusty books of photos I’ve taken- I started collecting them in business card format, sorting them into themes that I find recur and totally inspire and inform my pattern design. I’m all packed up ready to hop on my bike, grab a tea and get working!!





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