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bubblefish by kate austin

bubblefish by kate austin

I’m back from a week in NYC! I had an incredible show – I’m kind of still reeling from it. The work at the show was super strong- lots of great colour and design everywhere you looked. And the vibe was very upbeat and positive- even companies who only trade in beige or grey would stop in my booth and enjoy the burst of colour.  Walking around and talking to other exhibitors I found they also were very happy with the scene and the energy in the aisles. I met SO MANY great people- lovely people whose work I have admired on pinterest like Ashley G , Tammie Bennett and Elizabeth Olwen (a fellow torontonian!) as well as peeps all new to me. And of course super cool buyers and students and artists as well. I already cant wait to go back next year– i have many many more patterns and pictures I want to make ASAP! and of course I am super excited to work on all the upcoming exciting projects… stay tuned for more info!!!!!! yahoo for surface pattern design, and of course…. COLOUR!!!!!!


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  1. tammiecbennett

    oh kate! it was so nice meeting you. i’m sad i never made it over to your booth. let’s stay in touch. i can’t wait to see your art out in the world! xo,

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