Mama’s Day

Pencil Cases by kids in room 203 for their moms!

Pencil Cases by kids in room 203 for their moms!

Mother’s day is this weekend (in Canada- I think it already happened other places!) and to celebrate I went into my 7 yr old’s class (grades 1&2) and spent the afternoon doing a little pattern making workshop. Using crayons and then a wash of watercolour, they designed pencil cases for their mums! I had the cases digitally printed and made up and I think they turned out great- here’s a sample of some of them (the one I’m getting is the bottom right corner). They also did self-portraits as cards for their mums- which are super cute. I will try to get pix of those tomorrow- I’m going back in to deliver the goods and help with the wrapping! I’m thinking about making a present for their fabulous teacher for the end of year- using all their portraits. They are a truly lovely group- very sweet together. Their teacher told me a great story when I mentioned how impressed I am with how they play together especially across age and gender. She said they were doing a science project about definitions and attributes so the visiting scientist had sorted them into groups and they had to figure out what attribute she had chosen for sorting. She had divided them into girls and boys and the kids were completely stumped. They were like “is it our shoes? the colour of our hair?”– didn’t even OCCUR to them to see gender!!! I know this will change, but it is beautiful right now and I am enjoying this little moment of pure sweetness and equality while it lasts!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!


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