Press Kits and Business Cards

presskits and bizcards by kate austin

presskits and bizcards by kate austin

Getting ready for Surtex is really fun. I love working on all the accoutrements of the business- postcards, business cards and now, for the first time, press kits. In all my years of running a design business, I never really got the hang of press kits. I think I made some years ago for the DUDE show (downtown urban design event)- a rockin craft and design show I used to organize with my pals Kristin and Kaz) but it has been a long time. The press kit was on my list of Fearless Things to Do Fearlessly, so I set about making them. I decided to make something that I would love to have – something useful and lovely. The result: a flowery folder, with postcard samples of my work, plus some info, with lots of room for other stuff. There’s always lots to collect, mostly business cards and postcards, so hopefully this will come in very handy for the press peeps who wander through.

My¬†business cards arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them! Moo once again delivers the goods. Luxe cards with a red stripe on the side, these puppies are SOLID, and feel quite gorgeous. I chose five of my new patterns to adorn them, and they all look great. Can’t wait to give all this stuff away!!! Twelve sleeps to kickoff….


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