Exciting Project!

town A by kate austin

town A by kate austin

I’m so thrilled to announce that I have been chosen to be a PATCH artist!!

PATCH is a very cool project in Toronto- PATCH stands for Public Art Through Construction Hoarding, and their mission is to bring art to the construction sites around the city (of which there are SO many!) – you can read more about this fabulous project here. I learned about it through Artbridges, (the community arts service that I co-created). Even though I have RATHER a lot on my plate at the moment, I was so inspired I decided I had to apply. They have just announced the artists who have been chosen to be on their roster, and I am super psyched to meet my fellow participants as well. The quality and diversity of the work is really impressive. I cant wait to see what everyone creates! I would LOVE to pattern up  a construction site- kind of outdoor wallpaper to make it a bit more homey and cozy perhaps!! Not to mention injecting some colour in amongst the dreary grey concrete and debris. I am a big fan and proponent of public art- I really believe art can make our lives richer and fuller, and I think the more accessible it is to the more people, the better! I will post more as this exciting project unfolds…


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