April Promises

lilac C by kate austin

lilac C by kate austin

Well it’s April and while things are not fully green and warm quite yet, the promise of spring is everywhere. Today on our front lawn there’s a newly opened swath of blue scilla- where yesterday there were little green grassy sprouts and dead leaves. It’s encouraging! I’m all wrapped up in my show prep and it is FUN. I’m all about the colour play these days- I have definitely found a palette of about 20-30 colours I gravitate towards- they call to me and play well together. I’m finding black is not unwelcome- it adds some drama, makes the colours shine and twinkle, recalling rich art deco velvets and silks, adding a little mystery and depth to all the excitement. It seems perfect for this time of year- not quite sun-bathed just yet, there’s a dark edge to the days. This pattern is a particular fave of mine, and this colorway- red, hot pink, orange, black and white- makes me deliriously happy. I would like a velvet jacket in this print, and some satin shoes to match. Definitely sign me up for the giant scarf- imagine a semi-sheer wool!- and I’m thinking a line of lipsticks and perfume would be pretty irresistible adorned in this riot. It’s not that the rest of the palette isnt equally as alluring, it’s that this one- on this moody April morning- is particularily zingy!


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