Great News

uppercase magazine issue 21

Yay! Back from our March break holiday to some exciting news: I’m in the upcoming issue of Uppercase magazine! They have compiled a directory of 100 international surface pattern designers, and my work is amongst the chosen ones. Yippee!!!! I am excited to see how it’ll be presented and also to see the other designers as well. I’m extra psyched because the whole issue looks very cool– there’s even an interview with an art director at Liberty of London, only one of my all time fave fabric producers in the universe. I’m also thrilled that this directory will be available at Surtex, the awesome licensing show in NYC in May. I’m even considering getting a booth to celebrate! Stay tuned for more info and check out this very fancy and fabulous magazine at a cool book seller near you!!! Now back to the pattern designs… got lots of ideas on vacation, now to get them down on paper…



  1. AlyZen Moonshadow

    Way to go, congratulations! I just found out about Uppercase, there’s only 1 supplier in the whole of Western Australia that stocks the mag, so this Thursday I’m making the trip to Perth to nab my own hard copy. Awesome work, and I hope you get to Surtex next year.

    • whatkatesaw

      thanks- it’s a great magazine, worth the hunt!! the surface pattern issue is especially fantastic. I am happy to say I will be at Surtex this year- booth 1035! In two weeks… I am very very excited!

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