Sewing Marathon

yellow quilt by kate austin designs

yellow quilt by kate austin designs

So this past week or so i have been on a sewing binge of epic proportions. I had to update my fabric samples, and i found myself with an incredible number of 8×8 inch cotton squares, all printed in my patterns. What to do, what to do. Three quilt tops later, I am feeling preettty inspired and excited. The first one, the yellow one, is not quite finished- it’s for a friend who lives away so i put it on the back burner just for a moment in order to make some headway into the two I wanted to have ready for my kids for christmas. Now, I do hate christmas and everything it stands for with a burning passion, but I also do love giving gifts especially handmade ones. I am more of a year round gift giver, but any excuse is okay by me, even if it has to be christmas. SO I have been working away and it’s so super satisfying to think about the colours and patterns together, and also to picture the guys sleeping under their cozy quilts.  It’s great to have a bit of a deadline, too. The one I havent photographed is more green- they are all heavily orange as well and the backing for them is a hot vibrant orange. Conveniently it will look great in both their rooms- as will the tops I hope!! I still have to sew the back for one, and then stitch them all together and quilt them, but I thought I would share the interim progress, unclipped threads and all!!

purple quilt by kate austin designs

purple quilt by kate austin designs





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