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jaybird oven mitts

jaybird oven mitts

thought i’d post a few of the things i have been sewing lately, with some of my own fabric designs. This one is called jaybird and you can find it here. i got some very nifty high tech quilt batten that’s thermo insulated – perfect for shopping bags and oven mitts! It’s from PurlSoho and you can get it here. The first thing i made was these connected mitts. I modelled them on a set we got on a long ago trip to Prague, from a great little screenprinting business quite a lot like ruckus- now nowhere to be found unfortunately. The connected oven mitt is one of the handier items in the kitchen- hangs over the oven door, ready to go at a moments notice, protects your arms too with the middle bit and looks great to boot!!! This set is for a good friend. I quilted it down the middle just in case, but I dont think it is totally necessary- just adds a bit of quirk. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.  Now to make some more!



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