ranunculus by kate austin designs

ranunculus by kate austin designs

this design is a bit of a tribute to one of my all time favourite flowers, the “cabbage rose” aka the ranunculus. these cheerful beauties are early blooming, long blooming annuals and my dream is to one day have an entire swath of them in our front yard- ranunculus as far as the eye can see. i’m trying to build a perennial garden but there are a few annuals that i cannot deny myself. as soon as they are out i like to have them everywhere- in the garden, and also as big bouquets- to fill the house. they are so cheerful to be around- totally lift my spirits. the pinks and reds and oranges of the ranunculus are sublime. the yellow is nice too, and there’s a white with a greeny centre that is also very lovely. i chose pink and red for this pattern to start with — two of my fave hues together– and then i played around a bit– i also love it in purpley blues and bright pinks too! i would love to see this on paper: wallpaper or books, book ends, wrapping paper- woudlnt it be a nice package for some yummy smelling soaps or lotions? i would also love this on a blanket- something a bit fuzzy and extra warm.

hot pink!

hot pink!



here’s the real deal from last years crop… 20120415-133359.jpg


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