geometry trip

geotrip by kate austin designs

geotrip by kate austin designs

today i went on a field trip with my child’s class to high park. we spent the day outside in the sun learning about seeds and scrambling through the woods. the colours right now are spectacular- and the sumachs are just knock your socks off shades of oranges and reds. also you can eat the berries- they are sour and tasty (though fuzzy)! who knew.

i would like to have an entire wardrobe of clothes in this shade of red, with hot pink overtones of course. and i would like my living room furniture to be this colour, and maybe my bike too. i guess i would just love to have the option of being completely surrounded by this colour- it is so warm and rich and thrilling!

i’m working on some geometric patterns right now- very satisfying and fun. this one is all about my beloved red.

here too are a couple of photos that inspire my palette- a bean from this summer’s crop, and a sumach from the park!

bean sumach


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