Barrie VV


Oh Barrie VV, you never disappoint. My once a year stop always ALWAYS proves worthwhile. Today was no exception. And there was a special surprise extra fantastic cosmic moment even! I complimented the woman at the checkout on her lovely brooch- asked if it was ceramic- and she said “I have no idea- you can have it!” And gave it to me- just like that! It’s a gorgeous little ceramic dogwood flower- and I love it! It was her last day of work- they were having a big 50% all clothing sale- and I guess she was just feeling generous. So nice. I also got some great cups for the knit cafeand a super teapot -also for the cafe though I am pretty tempted to keep this one it’s in such perfect shape-

And we got some great toys including this one from 70s fisher price- loved the colours, kids love the game!





  1. Laura McLeod

    Kate – Love the tumble tower and if you ever see another one please pick it up for me and I’ll reimburse you! This was one of my faves as a kid. You will also notice that if you can find the “Made In” stamp on the older toys it will say USA. Interesting.

    • whatkatesaw

      Laura – we left behind a bunch of other great vintage toys. I honestly can’t believe how good the Barrie vv is- totally worth the drive. I will definitely pick up one for you if I see one again- it was one of matty’s faves too. It says 1971 made in USA on the bottom!

      • Laura McLeod

        We’re going past Barrie in a couple of weeks – I will definitely stop by. Thanks for the tip!

      • whatkatesaw

        It’s right off the highway- how we found it the first time- take Dunlop exit.. You lucky duck!! They also usually have incredible ceramics and some good clothing- I’ve gotten some awesome handmade kids sweaters and some marimekko dresses from the 50s & 60s. Have fun!!!

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