Circle time!


Remember how I started to knit that blanket of triangles? I totally figured it out and it did look good. But the thing is I was not really enjoying the intarsia aspect of it and the portability and pick-up-ability factor was quite low. Plus I was kinda missing crochet- it’s been ages since I hooked! More than a year. Usually my summer project is a crochet blanket but somehow this past summer flew by and I had nothing to show for it. Anyway I have had my eye on this circle blanket that has been making the rounds on Pinterest – I think I have pinned it 3 or 4 times in different iterations. So last night I checked out the amazing tutorial and I’m officially hooked! Pun intended. I love the spotty, dotty, circle as a motif. In my surface design I often turn to my pal the circle for form and style. Here’s one of my favourite recent pattern designs, plus a few pix of circles I have taken over the years…






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