Book score!


A while back I happened into a local bookshop that sells secondhand and overstock books and, well, I cleaned up! Thought I should share some of the exciting finds here…
Wackiest, most random was a badly shaped book of playing card designs– the images were too appealing (combined w very low price!) to walk away from- who knew?
Vera about the iconic textile designer of the 60s- had looked at this book before but balked at cost, et voila super discount, hello Vera!
Great images and such a great story- love the inspiring women designers!!!
Also picked up a book about a shop near and dear to my heart, Design Research in Boston- the shop that brought marimekko to North America! My grandmother was also a big fan and was lucky enough to live in Boston and I do have a number of fantastic dresses from her collection over the years. Also a killer tablecloth. Come to think of it I also got some Vera napkins from her as well!!
I also got a great little book of modern art with some real gems in there- the cover is a Sonia Delaunay painting- nuff sed.
And last but by no means least I got a giant book of quilting tips… Handy, cheap, nice pix- I am pretty psyched!


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