The Triangle



A highly satisfying shape that’s been having a moment in surface design for the past few years, the triangle, is a favourite of mine. I think what I love is the way you can play with colour in a repeating triangle design. I’ve been very taken with quilts pieced in triangles of coloured fabric- though I’m not convinced I can bring myself to work with plain, unpatterned fabric! The one pictured here comes with a how to make a gorgeous quilt! online. Knitting is another story though- I have a scrumptious palette of neons and neutrals and I started experimenting with triangles today- not sure how I’m going to build them, but very excited about how good they’ll look when I sort that out. Above is my first attempt.
Triangles have also made their way into my patterns- one based on quilts that has ended up as my iPhone case and I love it! Please also note adorable baby. And finally, another triangley pattern that got made into fabric and subsequently sewn into bunting…




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