IDS trade day


The interior design show is on right now in Toronto- Friday was trade day. I try to go every year to see what’s happening in the surface design community, occasionally to scope something out for my home, and always to hear the Trade Talks. Every year they have a line up of international designers and architects who give one hour presentations about their work. Some of the most inspiring people have come through- Hella Jongerius! Jack Lerner Larsen! Maharam textiles! The Brazilian furniture designing brothers! And more I’m forgetting now I’m sure. Usually I come away full of fire and excitement- it’s so energizing to see amazing work and hear about the process from engaging speakers! Unfortunately this year was not a great one for speakers. We (iwona and kristin came too) saw the first three of four. The talks were pretty dry, the work less than fabulous. Oh well, better luck next year. There were a couple of show highlights though. An installation of logs with ends dipped in encaustic- they were stacked into steel frames to create a wall of colour- very lovely. A poured epoxy floor of the most exquisite sparkle… Yowsah! And there were some blu dot chairs that were quite nice- cast a great shadow as iwona pointed out. Surface design-wise I wasn’t too awed by anything, though I did exchange cards with some wall covering designers. There were a couple of quilters represented which is pretty exciting- one who used sailboat fabrics, and another who used kimono remnants ( sorry I don’t have pix of those- it got too crowded to take pictures). There was also lots of pretty great felt, which definitely gets filed in the “materials to play around with one day” part of my brain.





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