Many years ago, I scored a fabulous little Victorian nursing chair at a yard sale for ten bucks. It was not in super condition, but I didn’t care- it was comfy and the perfect size for a smallfry like myself. However time took its toll and about a year ago I noticed most of the stuffing had come out of the arms, and the fabric was quite torn in several spots. And coincidentally I would actually be able to use the chair for nursing soon, so we decided to repair & reupholster. Although I have reupholstered furniture before (with a LOT of help and hand-holding from
my mum) I decided to let the professionals handle that work, and I could just provide the fabric! It was quite hard to choose- i got a few samples printed up. i was sure i was going to go with this:

But in the end I decided to try something different, more freeform, less grid based. So I went with this one (just changed the colours a bit…)

It was cool to play a bit with scale, and also to see it in repeat on fabric- it’s more jagged than i realized, which I quite liked. And here is the chair- it worked out well and it’s been a pleasure to sit in and nurse the baby!



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