I’m back- again!!

HOW do 8 months go by between blog posts? It’s a bit of a mystery, though I believe the baby and the 6 yr old could have something to do with it. But it was all (mostly) for fun and games at least! ANyway I am back, and despite my extended absence there has been some kate austin design activity in the past while. Today for example I applied to be a participant in a fabric design competition– I could not be more excited. Just filling out the entry form was thrilling! These are the samples of my work I sent in:blocks tibet

This one is called Blocks in the tibet colorway. It’s from a line I made called Quilt.  I love the tumbling blocks traditional quilting pattern- there’s one at the ROM here in Toronto that positively JUMPS out of its case at you- it is very 3D. The quilters used black velvet for some of the pieces to great effect. I guess that was my  inspiration for this pattern really. Next time I am there I will take a pic and post it!

butterfly gocco

This one is called Butterfly, and it’s in the gocco colorway, from the Kimono collection. I have always loved insects- and now that I have the garden I am totally fixated on butterflies. One my main requirements of a plant for the garden is attracting butterflies. This summer the zinnias and the buddleia really did the job.

julia tourmaline

This one is called Julia, in tourmaline colorway, from the Charleston collection.  I made a series of patterns that I thought would fit in at the Charleston Farmhouse- a centre of creativity for the Bloomsbury group (Virginia Woolf and friends). It’s an incredible house jam-packed with art, decoration and ornament. Incredible gardens. The spirit of the place, and the creative force that was the Bloomsbury gang is totally inspiring to me. They painted everything! They made textiles, ceramics, furniture- you name it. YAY!

town halifax

This last piece is Town in Halifax colorway- from the Urbo line. This was the first pattern I designed when I decided I couldnt contain my excitement any longer and I had to start designing patterns again. It’s tied to our old ruckus work first in name (most of our lines at ruckus ended in “o”) and also in technique- I cut the images out of rubylith and then scanned and coloured them in in photoshop. We used a lot of rubylith at ruckus (I still love the stuff and use it whenever I can- love the cut edge and the look and feel). This design came to me suddenly one day and I was compelled to start making it at once, and it’s still one of my favourites!


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