From my garden!!! Smelling delicious. Finally this year the plant has enough sun to put out enough for a bouquet AND still some left outside. What a concept!!! Although this is not technically a garden blog, though perhaps it should be who’s kidding who, I have to mention that I am currently right now at this very moment in acute pain because I’m trapped at home with a sleeping baby while right across the street in the park across from us, the city is giving away incredible, rich, free (free!) compost- as much as you can carry away – black gold!! And I can only watch the massive pile sloooowly dwindling as my lucky neighbours fill their wheelbarrows (and giant recycling bins!!)ARGH it’s enough to make me abandon all use of punctuation entirely, and weep for my poor roses and new tree who won’t get any piece of that nitrogen-rich, leaf-mulchy action. Sigh!


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