As in that incredible shade of new leaf buds and fresh grass- mouthwatering avocado green or bright edamame… Green is another colour I cannot get enough of. My sister spent many years wearing only green- shoes, coats, bags, everything- genius! I too like to have a lot of green in my life and in my art. The new baby’s room is a lovely calm shade of celery meets celadon (actually its called “green ground” by farrow&ball- you can see it here), and the 5 yr old has a more intense bluey green called rather unfortunately arsenic. Lovely shade of greeny turquoise though! Here are just a few little green things around me now-

A vase I garbage picked the other day- love it! All flowers look great in it!

Our green kettle- bodum- and my marimekko unikko mug from iwona, my first marimekko mug in fact, that got me hooked!

Our brand new glorious green chairs- green in every sense- each one made from 111 plastic bottles- learn more here!
And of course here’s some of my work featuring a whole lot of green-

The dreamy octopus- linocut from 2010

One of my fave patterns, named in honour of my friend Lesley, a super cool woman I met at central tech art school last year


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