Specifically, geranium red. What a colour!!!! It goes straight to the pleasure centre of my brain and overloads it. I was passing by a corner store yesterday with a little display of annuals and I was totally unable to resist the pull of these geraniums- that saturation of colour is just so satisfying and exciting. There was also this guy, a kalanchoe aka flaming Katie, a personal fave… It’s now in front of me at the kitchen table.

It’s not all red like the geranium, but enough red (plus pink! So who’s complaining?) to be delicious. Last spring it was all I could do to not make every single pattern all red all the time- I managed, but only just. Here’s just a few examples of that red in my work:

A screenprint from a series of animals I’ve been working on

Large scale repeat- soon to be available for sale! on fabric

Another pattern coming soon to my spoonflower shop…


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