More fleurs


I think this may come to dominate my blog, as it definitely takes up a lot of room in my brain, but I’m so excited about the new colorful blooms making an appearance in the garden, Hooray!
Forget that I’m printing and sewing and basically up to my eyeballs in prep for Surtex (2.5 weeks- yikes!)- today it’s all about these beautiful tulips who were closed when I went out this morning, and open when I went out this afternoon. They’re the little species tulips, so sweet and what a yum shade of pink with that sunny yellow centre. Also starring in the front yard right now are the Scilla out in full glory- they’re lawn flowers and just make everything around them shine. Like bluebells in the woods- hits of blue in the green grass are pure visual pleasure. And last but not even close to least are the saxifrage- these little darlings are new faves of mine- the pink flowers are so perfectly flowery, and the frothy clump they emerge from is one of my all time favorite shades of green.




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