Pink! Pink! Especially Red and Pink!

Today (well honestly every day) I’m freaking out about pink. Hot pink, bubblegum pink, deep intense pink, magnolia pink- in fact pretty much every pink except for the insipid baby girl princess pink which is just insulting to the happy pink family I know and love. And in particular I’m freaking out about the heart-stirring combo of red and pink- it just sings! When I see red and pink together it makes me irrationally happy. I recently got a book about Russian textiles and wow first of all do they use red- and it’s all good. And when they throw in the pink, as in the scarf pictured here (VV of course) it’s transcendent. I have a pink puffer jacket and I recently found these incredible pink rainboots (VV of course!) which are almost exactly the same shade of bubblegum/rosebud- throw on a red skirt into the mix and hallelujaho! I should also mention the incredible mittens that my dear friend Andrea made- they’ve got lots of bright colours to round out the outfit- and I’m ready to go out into the city and spread the good word about PINK! and red.


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