Green and Blue

One of my favorite fabulous teachers at art college taught us this old rhyming rule: “blue and green should never be seen.” We were playing with colour combinations- yummy gouache colour cards spread out all over the place- heaven! Of course blue and green should totally be seen together- what a sublime pairing- trees and sky on a bright spring day, the waves in the sea- both blue and green depending when you look at them! A shed covered in morning glory- glowing blue blooms against a rich green blanket of leaves– perfect! And last but by no means least this mug from value village (whose decal our dishwasher is slowly eroding… Noooo!)…



One comment

  1. Deanne Williams

    Kate — blue and green is my *favourite* color combination (though red and pink, which I was also told is a no-no, is a close second).

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